Big, bold and beautiful: New Danon Jewellery for April 2019!

At Baroc, we have supported and stocked the Israeli jewellery brand, Danon Jewellery, since we opened our store in 2013. With a design outlook based on chunky metal chains, asymmetrical shapes and matte silvers and golds, and a finish encapsulating a professionally hand-finished quality, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the unique pieces that Danon produces. Over the years, Danon has established itself as a fashion-forward jewellery brand, which not only incorporates on-trend designs, but also characterises its jewellery with its own distinct style.

Our new range of Danon jewellery emphasises the brand’s timeless style, as well as emphasising key trends for Spring/Summer 2019. Based on three new distinct and modern designs, our Danon collection will ensure that your seasonal style is on-trend, as well as ensuring that you have a long-lasting piece that you can love for years to come!

A reimagined version of the iconic Leaf of Love design, Danon’s Crystal Leaf of Love necklaces, bracelets and earrings embody the definition of shiny and new! This asymmetrical heart design, with a unique band that symbolises the vein of the leaf running through its centre, is newly adorned with a single, dazzling Swarovski crystal. The contrast between this shining new feature and the textured, matte metal of the Leaf of Love heart provides a juxtaposition between classic and modern styles, a trend that is in-demand this season!


Truly unique in its design, the brand new Simply You collection is Danon’s most modern design to date. This unusual heart, with one half cut out to create an outline and the other half filled with smooth, matte metal, is the perfect encapsulation of abstract fashion within one piece. Simple in design, yet effective in impact, the Simply You necklaces, bracelets and earrings provide a must-have seasonal emblem!


Heart designs aren’t for everyone, and for those who prefer something a little more allusive, the Cetus bracelet and the Sarin earrings are the perfect alternative! The modern, angular star outline design that adorns these pieces is finished in a smooth matte silver, creating a delicate finish that contrasts with the abstract shape of the star. With a twinkling Swarovski crystal set within this star design, you’re sure to sparkle and shine wherever you go this Spring/Summer! Browse the full Danon collection here

With love from Baroc x

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