11 things you need to know before buying a Nomination bracelet!

Nomination Italy has quickly become a world-renowned jewellery brand. Established in Italy in 1987 by Paolo Gensini, what started as a small family-run business has expanded to supply 5,000 independent retailers in 50 different countries across the globe, and here at Baroc, we are lucky enough to be one of those suppliers!

The Nomination Composable bracelets have become the brand’s number one seller, and following suit, they have also become our most popular item from the brand too. The Composable bracelets are known for their unique style and personalised design that is quite unlike anything else in the jewellery market. However, as a result of this, we are often asked a plethora of questions about how to go about buying a Composable bracelet, how many links to include, how to put the bracelets together and how to take care and clean them. In a bid to try and answer these questions, and support you in purchasing a Nomination Composable bracelet from our website or in-store, we have put together a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide that takes you through the most frequently asked questions concerning these unique and popular bracelets.

Q: What is a Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: The Nomination Composable bracelet is a distinct type of bracelet within the Nomination jewellery collection. The bracelet is made up of separate ‘links’ that clip together. Due to this, there is no standard or general size for these bracelets, and they are created according to the size of the individual’s wrist – hence why they are called Composable!

Q: How do I know how many links to use to make up my bracelet?

A: This is a slightly tricky one to answer. Each link measures at roughly 1cm in length, so to get a good estimate of how many links you would need, it would be a good idea to measure how many centimetres your wrist diameter is. However, although this is a good tip, it is not a conclusively accurate one, as some people do not like their bracelet to be tight-fitting, meaning that they would need to add 2-3 extra links for a looser fit.

A generally good guide for the number of links you would need for the Nomination Composable bracelet measures is:

  • Adult female: 18-20 links.
  • Adult male: 22-24 links.
  • Child: 13-16 links.

Furthermore, it is always better to have too many links in your bracelet initially, than too few. We are prohibited from selling plain links individually, so if your bracelet ends up being too small for you, it would be difficult to get more links for it. However, if your bracelet ends up being too big for you, you can always remove links to make it fit you more comfortably. We offer this free-of-charge service in-store, and also sell Nomination Composable bracelet ‘tools’ that you can purchase to remove links yourself at home.

Q: How do I purchase a ready-made Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: You are able to purchase a ready-made Nomination Composable bracelet from us, both in-store and online. To do this, you will need to select how many plain links you would like to order, and which charm link/s you would like to be included in your bracelet. Similarly to the way that we are prohibited from selling plain Composable links individually, we are also prohibited from selling a Nomination Composable bracelet that is entirely made up of plain links. This means that when you purchase a Nomination Composable bracelet from us, you will need to choose at least one charm link to include in the bracelet.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the inclusion of a charm link will have an effect on the number of plain links that you will need to purchase. For instance, if you decide that you want to purchase a Composable bracelet that is 18cm in diameter, you won’t need to purchase 18 links, as the charm link will be 1cm in length too. This means that you will only need to purchase 17 plain links, as the charm link you choose will make up the additional 1cm for your desired fit.

When you order a Nomination Composable bracelet, we will put the bracelet together for you so that it is ready for you to wear as soon as you receive it. We also provide Nomination packaging and wrapping with the bracelet, to ensure a safe, secure and stylish treat upon arrival!

Q: How do I add or remove links from my bracelet?

A: As previously mentioned, the links that make up the Nomination Composable bracelets can be removed. However, although we cannot sell plain links individually that you can link onto your bracelet, we do sell a huge variety of charm links that you can collect and add to your bracelet over time. We offer a free-of-charge service in-store where we can remove plain links, add charm links, and re-order/re-organise your Nomination Composable bracelet for you. Furthermore, we also sell Nomination Composable bracelet ‘tools’ which you can purchase in order to remove or add charms and links at home. We can show you in store how to use these tools, and you can purchase them here.

Q: Can I purchase the charm links individually?

A: Yes! Even though we cannot sell the plain Nomination Composable links separately, we our whole collection of charm links separately. To see our collection of charms, click here.

Q: How do I put my bracelet on and take it off without breaking or damaging it?

A: The Nomination Composable bracelets do not have a clasp or hook for you to open when putting your bracelet on or taking it off. Due to the nature of the individual links, which expand to clip on to each other, the bracelet will safely and easily ‘stretch’ over your hand to fit onto your wrist. Although the links that make-up the Nomination Composable bracelets are very robust, we do advise that you are careful when putting on and removing your bracelet to ensure its longevity.

Q: What material are the Nomination Composable bracelets made from?

A: All of the Nomination Composable plain and charm links are made from a base material of stainless-steel. Nomination have chosen to use this metal to create their bracelets due to it’s low-reactivity, which has a number of benefits when used within jewellery. The low-reactivity of stainless-steel means that it is suitable for most of those with sensitive skin and skin allergies, a fact that is enforced by the use of stainless-steel for instruments and tools within the medical profession. The quality of the metal also means that it is robust and able to withstand a variety of corrosive substances and everyday wear-and-tear.

Although the base metal of the charm links is always stainless steel, Nomination creates their unique designs with precious metals such as sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Furthermore, some charms are also created using precious stones and gems.

Q: Do the Nomination Composable bracelets come in different colours?

A: The short answer is – yes! You can purchase the plain Nomination Composable links in the classic silver stainless-steel, yellow gold, rose gold, blue and black, with these different options providing you with the opportunity to compose a bracelet to suit a plethora of tastes, styles and genders! However, it is important to remember that these colours are set into stainless-steel, meaning that the material of the bracelet does not alter according to the colour you choose.

Additionally, we often find that customers are confused about the coloured bracelets, and usually assume that they can purchase matching charms in the alternative colour of their bracelet. Unfortunately, for production reasons, all of the Nomination Composable charm links are set on silver stainless-steel. Although you can often purchase a charm that contains the colours and matching precious metal of the bracelet you choose, with the brand providing silver, yellow gold, and rose gold collections, it is only the base links that are completely encased in colour.

Q: Can I get a charm engraved?

A: In line with Nomination policy, we can provide personalised engraving on some of the Composable charms. You can either choose to buy a single or a double charm for your engraving, containing a silver, yellow gold, or rose gold plated area to back your chosen words. Furthermore, you can choose from a selection of fonts and symbols to include in your engraving which we are able to show you in-store or via email.

The price of engraving is £10 on top of the price of the charm you choose to have engraved. So, for instance, if you chose a plain silver link that costs £18, you’re engraved charm would cost £28 overall.

Q: Can I wear my Nomination Composable bracelet in water?

A: We usually advise that you remove your Nomination Composable bracelet before entering the shower, bath or swimming pool. Additionally, we also advise that you try not to get your bracelet wet through activities such as washing up or playing sports. Although the Nomination Composable bracelets are extremely durable due to their stainless-steel base, avoiding contact with water, and corrosive liquids such as detergents, bleach, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol, will ensure its longevity.

Q: What is the safest way to clean my Nomination Composable bracelet?

A: Obviously, through frequent wear, your bracelet might become a little dirty. To make sure that your bracelet is sparkling and shining, we advise using the following cleaning method:

  • Use lukewarm water and soap and a brush with soft bristles to clean your Composable bracelet’s stainless steel. Do not submerge your bracelet in the water if you can help it.

Sometimes, your bracelet might just need a little touch-up rather than an in-depth clean. For this, we advise polishing your bracelet with a soft, dry cloth.

Avoid using any cleaning materials that could scratch or damage your bracelet. Always opt for soft cleaning tools.

And with that, we think we’ve covered just about everything! We hope that this blog post helps you to understand the Nomination Composable bracelets a little more, most importantly helping you to understand how you compose, purchase and personalise these unique jewellery garments! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact in store, through email, or by telephone – we are always happy to help!

The Baroc team x

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